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I had a large raccoon trapped in the attic after I had the soffits repaired under the gables on my roof.
It made a lot of racket that night trying to get out, including completely pushing out one of the ceiling A/C vent covers and pushing another out halfway.
I opened the pull-down attic stairs to let it out the open garage door, but it wouldn't come out. In the morning I called for help!
JAMCO Wildlife Control's owner/operator came out to my house that same morning and set up a live cage trap in the attic, then fixed the vent covers to keep it from getting into the house.
The raccoon was captured later that day.
JAMCO came back out, removed the raccoon and trap, cleaned and disinfected the raccoon's latrine area, fixed the vents from inside the attic, checked the wiring, raked out the insulation from where the raccoon had made paths, and set up another trap just in case I had more than one.
I am very happy with the work JAMCO did for me. The owner/operator was very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional.
I would definitely call JAMCO again if I had a similar problem.
Elena Schindler

Great experience! Quick and responsive service. Very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.

Absolute greatest experience. Very quick response. Friendly and very knowledgeable. Went above and beyond to rectify a scary situation. Would highly recommend.

While we didn't catch the woodchuck wrecking havoc (the weather cooled), Jaime did carefully remove the skunk caught in the trap. However, during the weeks that the trap was out, he checked it and or checked with me frequently and took measures to deter re-digging alongside my home. As well, he assessed my house and property for other ports of entry and not only recommended solutions, but resolved the issues. Prompt, professional and courteous.

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