Control of Critters

Wildlife control in Northeast Ohio that comes in all shapes and sizes
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Discreet removal of wildlife

Unwanted wildlife can enter any structure at any time, whether it's a home or business.

We specialize in quick, safe, and effective wildlife removal in Western Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Northern Medina Counties. You want your family, pets, and even employees and customers to be safe and free of the worry of spotting any kind of unwelcome creature in your home or business environment.

We will guarantee that when our job is done we'll have your unwelcome visitors evicted and prevent their untimely return!

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for our services.

Humane removal

humane removal on racoon
Catch and release isn't just something that fishermen practice. We believe in that too.

We always strive to safely remove animals and reptiles from your environment and return them, whenever possible, to an environment that is safer and healthier for them. After all, wildlife removal is also for the good of the animal. We always act within the laws of Ohio's nuisance wild animal regulations and while not every creature is eligible for relocation, we will do our best.

For more information as to exactly which species are ineligible for relocation, feel free to ask us. We'll gladly answer any questions.

Discretion is vital

skunk by bush
Let's face it. Not every member of your family, or staff, or customer base is equipped to deal with the surprise, or even shock, of being confronted with a member of the wildlife community.

Sometimes even the knowledge that there has been a furry or scaly visitor is enough to give some people nightmares. We understand that! That's why our wildlife removal services are sensitive to such matters.

We can perform our animal removal and inspection services when it's convenient for you. And your confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you.

Customer education

Snake on hand
We're Northeast Ohio's experts at wildlife removal. We know the proper techniques to rid your property of unwanted creatures and how to prevent their return. Please, never take any creature for granted. Even the most cuddliest of creatures can carry a variety of harmful diseases. At the same time, some creatures (like certain snakes) are utterly harmless, but seem frightening. We'll not only rid your property of its animal or reptile problem, but we'll educate you on likely causes for your infestation, how to prevent it from happening again, and give you some insights on the nature of your particular animal visitor that you might not know!
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